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Mūsu rekvizīti: S IA Happy Art Museum Reģ.Nr.40103347661

Jurid.adrese:      Elizabetes iela 10b-20

LV-1010, Rīga

Izstāžu zāles adrese: Dzirnavu iela 67, 7.stāvs  LV-1011 Rīga. Latvija. Eiropa

Psychology Club

Art Pieces


Art Riga Fair

Kino Forums


Pinakoteka Design

Wine Bar

  Happy Art Museum's primary mission is to provoke conversation.  We offer cooperation in organizing art exhibitions.

We offer the "Happy Art Museum" gallery's collection: a selection of the best contemporary artist's paintings, sculptures, graphical works.

     We organized decades of large-scale art exhibition exchange projects with neighboring museums and galleries. We took part in ART MOSCOW fair, Art Fair in BELGIUM etc. "Happy Art Museum" is a collection of high quality works of recognized professionals. Contemporaries in art that will become classics.  The proposed exhibition designed for the widest possible audience and visitors to address a variety of categories. In particular, run-on sculpture and modern environmental sculpture work. There were several large-scale art events. Latvian and neighboring country artist union group exhibitions, performances, seminars, corporative events, lectures, literary actions, theatre, film forums.

      Producers Group Ltd. Happy Art Museum organizes art events at the Baltics entertainment & shopping centre Galleria Riga in Dzirnavu street 67, 7th floor. 13.00- 22.00 every day, seven days a week - free entrance, 8 years of exhibitions. We have a Cafe bar, Wine shop- 100 Portugese wines from our collection, art studio, conference hall - 100 chairs, AUDIO, VIDEO SYSTEMS, WIFI,  WEB LIVE TV Biggest art shop in Riga : 1000 ARTWORKS, Euroclub every saturday 18:00  Happy Art Museum consists of the Art people's wonderful work.

Entertainment Centre "Galleria Riga" Dzirnavu street 67, 7th level

LV-1011  Riga, Latvia, Europe

Sticker on glass wall that says Happy Art Museum.

(+371) 295 95 885  ENG

(+371) 291 77 748  RUS


LV-1011 Riga Dzirnavu str 67 Galleria Riga 7 level

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